WWOOF Australia's Mobile App

WWOOF Australia is one of the only WWOOF Organisations in the world that gives you a free Android or iOS Mobile App as a tool to travel Australia and access potential Host Farms.

You can access the Mobile App once you have joined WWOOF Australia. You will get links to the App Stores where you can then download it and log in using your website username and password.

Note, you cannot sign up to WWOOF Australia via the Mobile App. It is only capable of allowing you to login to an existing Membership account.

Once logged in, you’ll see the features available:

  • Full Map search for Host Farms
  • Full List search for Host Farms
  • Save your Favourite Host Farms
  • Instant Message any Host Farms
  • Edit your existing Profile
  • Check their Notice Board (adverts)
  • Participate in the Forums

It is truly the smartest and cleverest way of interacting with WWOOFing Host Farms anywhere in the world.

The best thing, is that it works off line as well. So if your internet reception is non-existent or you’ve run out of “credit”, then you can still Search and save Hosts to your Favourites until you can contact them when in reception.

The Mobile App duplicates the functions available on their website.  They are truly leaders in the services they offer the WWOOFing community in Australia.

Join with confidence that you’ll have full support from real humans in the WWOOF Australia office in Buchan, Victoria. Just a phone call away.