WA to Nullabor #2

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are huge limestone pillars rising from the desert floor sand to form a very unusual natural landscape. Not seen anywhere else in the world.

You’ll see signs to the Pinnacles just north of Perth, so keep your eyes open. There wouldn’t be many opportunities for volunteering here, unless of course they require assistance during the peak tourist season.

The Pinnacles are all different shapes and sizes, stretching for many miles into the desert. Some stand as high as 3-3.5 metres and make excellent photographic opportunities.

The road into the Pinnacles is a good, 2WD road, so no problems with your normal car. There are toilets, lookout decks and plenty of bushwalking trails to keep you busy an entire day.

You’re now getting close to Perth, Western Australia’s capital city, so lookout on your WWOOF Map for any Host Farm opportunities before you hit the big city.

Perth & Freemantle

Perth and Freemantle are two very well established older cities in Western Australia. Freemantle in particular has many old heritage buildings, worth roaming through the streets to see and appreciate.

Freemantle is an old port city and is now part of the Perth metropolitan area with excellent public transport systems so you can get around by bus.

It was founded in 1829 and was originally used as a penal colony by the British invaders of mainland Australia. A very famous building in Freemantle is the old Fremantle Prison. You can’t miss it from the main road, so just chuck it in your phone/maps and you’ll be there in no time.

Both Perth (population 2 million) and Freemantle are situated on the Swan River, where it meets the Indian Ocean. There are some great sandy beaches within reach by bus and Perth has many cultural landmarks to keep your stay here busy.

Of course there are plenty of WWOOF Australia Host Farms to choose from in and around Perth, so get that WWOOF Mobile App our of your pocket and start saving your Favourites.

Remember, you can contact Host Farms via WWOOF Australia’s internal instant messaging system, so you can keep all your correspondence with Host Farms in one easy place.

SW West Australia

Say goodbye to the desert terrain for now, as you descend into temperate to cool rainforest country. The southern tip of Western Australia is a natural beauty to behold, with towering rainforest canopies of gum trees and ancient giants.

As you navigate your way through the towering gums, take notice of the smaller side roads, usually gravel, that wind through the rainforests. Many Emu’s and Kangaroos to be seen, and lots of WWOOF Australia Host Farms to make your stay affordable and interesting.

This is truly a very magical piece of Australia. From hilltops you can see out over the Indian Ocean, such stunning brilliance. Wildlife is abundant down here, so drive carefully through the bush. Bushfires are also prevalent here, so take care in the summer.

There are really gorgeous places to stop and camp if you’re not staying at a Host Farm. So please, take your time through this gorgeous piece of country.

Tree Top Walk

After visiting Margaret River and cruising around the rainforests, look out for the signs to the Tree Top Walk. It’s a magical adventure up into the tree-tops on very safe, secure scaffolding/paths.

Margaret River and surrounds offer plenty of Volunteering opportunities and WWOOFing Host Farms, as this area swells in population during the Summer months (Nov-April).

Head for the Nullabor

After cruising around the coast, down to Esperance, then it’s time to head back inland, into dryer country, and head for the beginning of the Nullabor.

You’ll notice the vegetation starts getting smaller again, more scrubby and spindly as the ground dries out and rainfall decreases as you go inland again.

There are plenty of WWOOF Australia Host Farms in this area, so get that Mobile App out and Favourite your potential Host Farms.

The trees get smaller, and you’ll go through a few small forests of gum trees with red and orange trunks. It’s a real spectacle and something you won’t see anywhere else in the country.

If you take your time, you’ll also discover some old deserted townships and work camps with abandoned buildings and car bodies from an era goneby. There is an old township, completely gone except for signs of building foundations and the roads. I’ll leave that up to you to stumble across.

Next you’re headed to Norseman, the beginning of the infamous Nullabor Plain across Australia’s Great Australian Bite!