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There are many ways to gain Volunteer Work and opportunities in Australia. The best out of the bunch is to join WWOOF Australia. It’s low cost and makes traveling and exploring Australia on a budget a breeze.

WWOOFing in Australia

WWOOFing with WWOOF Australia is a very safe experience, as WWOOF Australia tries to ensure all Host Farms are legit experiences for you to try out Volunteering.

The way it works is:

  1. Join here and create your online Profile
  2. Search using the Website or Mobile App to find Host Farms you may be interested in.
  3. Save your Favourite Hosts so you can re-contact them later.
  4. Choose a Host Farm, then use the Instant Messaging to contact the Host Farm.
  5. Once you’re booked for a Farm Stay, then you just turn up according to what you have organised with the Host Farm.
  6. Your meals and accommodation will usually be provided by the Host Farm.
  7. Then enjoy your stay and use your weekends to explore the local landscapes.
vegetable gardens

Join WWOOF Australia and explore the wonders of Australia with the locals.

western australian rainforest

Travel Insurance

Whether you are WWOOFing or volunteering you will require Travel Insurance when visiting Australia.

kakadu national park

Australian Visas

When you're thinking of doing volunteer work, you must organise the correct travelling Visa before you arrive.

Organic Gardening

Learn new skills and contribute to expanding the Organic Food growing economy by volunteering on an Organic farm.

Sustainable Travel

Instead of burning carbon on your travels, consider volunteering on an Organic Farm and give back to the Earth.

Volunteering in Australia

volunteer on a farm
  • Learn new skills in farming
  • Free Accommodation
  • Cultural exchange

There are other forms of Volunteering in Australia other than joining WWOOF Australia.

Depending on your Visa type, you can come to Australia and work for certain approved periods of time. The work can involve a mixture of volunteer work and paid work.

Check our Visa page for information and links to Visa information.

Other types of Volunteering or Working in Australia, are quite different, with their own pros and cons.

There are volunteering schemes, where you volunteer on a project and receive nothing in return. No accommodation, meals or income at all. In these cases, you need to have your own lodgings and be able to support yourself totally.

Other volunteering schemes ask you to pay to volunteer with them. This is relevant if you’re wanting to learn particular new skills, as these schemes often involve larger organisations.

The beauty of WWOOF Australia, is that your accommodation and food are looked after, according to what the Host Farm offers, making your travel stay in Australia considerably cheaper.