The Dry Season

shark bay, wa

Australia has two very distinct types of climatic extremes.

Anywhere north of the Tropic of Capricorn, or north of the NSW border will experience sub-tropical and tropical climates. This means, the climate is either the Wet Season or the Dry Season.

Currently in May, the Dry Season is starting to kick in. This is the best growing season anywhere north of NSW, into Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory.

The Dry Season basically means the temperatures will rise from 27-35 degrees celsius and there will not be much rain or humidity. It’s the best time to visit the northern parts of Australia when you’re looking for WWOOF Australia host farms or if you’re wanting to volunteer.

So between May and November the rains will have stopped and farmers will be planting their summer crops. Tomatos, capsicum, watermelons, pumpkins and all manner of berries, tropical fruits and vegetables will be planted and looked after.

Irrigation is usually required during these months, as it’s rare to get decent downpours of rains, as the tropical monsoons have moved further north, closer to the equator.

Work related skills will require planting, transplanting, weeding, preparation of garden beds and orchards, as well as general fertilising and maintenance jobs, before the real heat sets in and things get growing.

Be prepared for the heat. Anywhere over 30 degrees is hot and requires good head-coverage, wide brimmed hats and light cotton clothing. Take care in the sun, as European skin will burn very quickly and create lots of pain for you. Just take a bit of sun each day until your skin browns and adapts.WWOOF Australia host farms will be looking for plenty of WWOOFers at this time, so get hooked up to the Mobile App and start searching and contacting Host Farms.

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