The Dry Season begins

As you’ll know re previous articles on our website, the Dry Season is now beginning in the Northern Tropical parts of Australia. Generally, anywhere north of the Tropic of Capricorn is now entering their Dry Season.

The Dry Season is the time to travel, work, volunteer or WWOOF in Australia’s northern States. Temperatures vary wildly, but you’ll be getting days of 25-35 degrees depending how far north you go. The further north you go, the hotter it’s going to be. Especially in Darwin.

It’s a great time to get some volunteer and WWOOFing opportunities happening up North. This Dry Season generally lasts for the next 6 months, through to at least November if you’re lucky.

It’s time to plant out seeds, seedlings and the livestock are all producing their young. Banana, mango, avocado and pineapple plantations are going strong at this time of year, preparing for the 6 month growing season ahead.

Plenty of volunteer workers or WWOOFers are required now. The weather will be the best for getting that Aussie sun tan and for exploring the vast reaches of tropical rainforests and desert landscapes.

With the Wet season ending, the roads are drying up and travel is becoming a lot easier and safer. Most roads will be re-opened, especially the unsealed dirt roads and tracks into the more remote regions. So pack your bags and plan on your WWOOF Mobile App the next six months of your journey in the Land Down Under!

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