Spring down South

peach blossom

Spring, as we all know, doesn’t really start until the Equinox on or around September 21. However, with the nectarine, peach and plum trees starting to blossom, anyone would be excused for thinking the Ram (Aries) has already been let out of the gate.

Spring in the garden or on organic farms in southern Australia is an extrememly busy time and lots of work, volunteers and wwoofers are needed.

It’s time to cultivate the garden beds in preparation for planting summer fruits and vegetables. Light dressings of well composted manure to give an initial burst of growth and keeping those little fresh weeds out of the way.

Strawberries will need tender care now, as the frosts are finished and they’ll start shooting their new green shoots and preparing to blossom. Plenty of mulch is required to keep the strawberries clean, instead of laying in the dirt.

Plenty of mulching is going on now and will be required in southern Australia this year, due to the extremely low rainfall received during winter and the coming spring. It’s been another dry year, so mulch is going to be the key to conserving as much moisture in the ground as possible.

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