How to Join WWOOF Australia

Select a Membership type below. You will be directed to the WWOOF Australia website to complete your Membership.

Joining WWOOF Australia is easy. Just select your desired membership below and within 10 minutes you’ll have a fully fledged Membership Profile.

Once you’ve completed your signup, you must fill out your full Profile so you can be found by Host Farms on the Search pages.

Once you’re a Member of WWOOF Australia, you can then download the handy Mobile App.

On the website and the App, you can use various ways to Search for Host Farms and contact them via messaging.

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WWOOF Australia Website Features

Once you’re a Member on WWOOF Australia, you will have access to many features, making your WWOOFing experience easy, fast and accessible, even if you don’t have internet access.

Map Search

You can use a fully featured map search feature, where you can see Host Farms all over Australia.

Instant Messaging

Communicate with Host Farms using the Instant Messaging system on the website or the Mobile App.

Follow your favourites

Save your favourite Host Farms in your Favourites, then when you’re ready you can access them later.

Full List Search

Scroll through lists of Host Farms in Australia via the List Search function. Plenty of filter options available to narrow your search.

Leave Reviews

If you loved a Host Farm, then you can leave them a Review for other WWOOFers to read.

Photo Gallery

Upload your best selfies or show Host Farms how you live in your “natural habitat” (home). Even include a video.

Learn about Australia

Australia is one of the best places in the world to explore, as it has a huge variety of landscapes and climates all on one continent.

Down south, in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia it’s a cool temperate climate, having the full four seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Further north into New South Wales and northern South Australia, the temperature warms up and you start entering sub-tropical climates.

Anywhere north of the Tropic of Capricorn, you’re then entering tropical weather, with the normal Wet and Dry seasons.

The interior and most of Western Australia are desert regions. These areas are to be treated with respect and caution, as they are very remote and inhospitable terrain to the uninitiated.

WWOOF Australia has thousands of Host Farms spread all over Australia. They’re a very professional organisation, and their website offers you loads of information about how to go about WWOOFing in Australia.