How WWOOF Works

There are two types of members in WWOOF Australia.

WWOOFers and Host Farms. The WWOOFers are the Volunteers who signup and search for Host Farms to volunteer on.

As a WWOOFer you are expected to contribute 4-6 hours per week for 5 days per week, in return for living, sleeping and eating with your Host Farm family.

The expectation is usually that you will integrate into the Host Farm family and participate in everyday family life. Sometimes your accommodation and meals will be separate from your Hosts, for example living in a separate building, caravan or other dwelling. The Host Farm profile will make this very clear before you join them.

You will be expected to join in with many different tasks during your stay on an Organic Host Farm. It may be raking leaves, chopping firewood, mending fences, sewing seeds, harvesting food or just plain old weeding. This is a great opportunity to potentially learn many new skills.

The length of stay varies considerably from Farm to Farm. Some Host Farms only allow a few days stay, whereas others will insist on a minimum stay of a week or more.

So if you’re feeling like an alternative style of living and travelling Australia, you should consider WWOOFing as an economical, eco-friendly way of seeing one of the best continents on Earth.

3 Easy steps to join WWOOF Australia


Join WWOOF Australia first. Choose your Membership option, a Single or a Couple. Pay via credit card or Paypal for 1 year Membership.

Fill in your full Profile

Fill in your full Profile. Upload images, gallery and tell potential Host Farms all about yourself and the skills you have and want to learn.

Contact Host Farms

Contact Host Farms using the WWOOF Australia Mobile App or Membership website. Organise your time of stay and required tasks. Enjoy yourself!