How to navigate around Australia

traveling australia roads

Once you’re in Australia to Volunteer, the first thing you’re going to notice are the vast distances between towns, cities and attractions.

There’s no more hopping on a speedy train or bus and arriving at your destination within half an hour. No, it can take many hours or hundreds of kilometres just to get near a major city from a farm.

Public Transport in country (regional) Australia is virtually non-existent. In larger towns you will find a local bus service running. See the local information centre for more details or ask your Host Farm, they’ll know all about it.

To travel between towns or cities you have the following options, depending if there is a rail link:

1. Fly via regional airlines (average $150 one way Melb-Sydney)

2. Catch a Bus or Train

In the main capital cities and larger regional cities, you will have taxi and Uber services as well as trams, buses and trains. Again, your local Host Farm will have the contact details. Be aware though, travelling by taxi in Australia, because of the vast distances, can be very expensive.

So if you’re studying your map of Australia, before you come and join WWOOF or another Volunteer organisation, then be aware you will need some sort of transport. Check out low cost campervans or hook up with other Volunteers and share the cost of transport.

Hitchhiking in Australia is still a safe way to travel. It’s better if you’re with a friend of course, but your chances on your own are still pretty good. Australia has the odd tragedy surrounding this type of behaviour, but the odds of being killed and eaten by a crocodile are probably larger than any harm coming to you. Just be smart.

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