Harvest around Australia

There are plenty of job opportunities or volunteer opportunities in Australia for young, energetic and enthusiastic people.

Using a Working Holiday Visa or even just a Holiday Visa, you can either Work or Volunteer at many job opportunities that will give you extra skills whilst having fun and seeing Australia.

The jobs are not just focussed around the Capital cities either. You’ll find the most beauty in Australia by travelling the regional areas, out of the cities and into the country.

The main industry that will expose you to a diverse range of people and activities is Fruit & Vege Harvesting. You can get paid work when travelling on the Working Holiday Visa, working up to 3 months at a time. Great pocket money.

Translators and Tour guide is another great job, exposing you to the tourism industry in a big way. If you speak German, French or Chinese for example, there are plenty of tour companies that require translators in the busy seasons to help with the international tourists.

Cleaning jobs are also big business, and are in big demand during the peak tourist seasons. These can be part-time, casual jobs, which suits the Working Holiday Visa perfectly. However, there are also some volunteer opportunities where you can get some experience and exposure to the tourism industry at little or no cost to you.

Most of these types of jobs are advertised through the Backpacker network, so when you arrive, connect up with these services and get yourself working.

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