Get Ready to Prune!

If you’re WWOOFing or doing Volunteer work in the Southern States of Australia, you’ll have noticed the fruit trees have all but been harvested of their fruit, and the leaves are yellowing in a typical Autumn fashion.

Some areas of Southern Australia are now experiencing their first frosts for the season, which rapidly ripens any fruit still left on the trees.

Normally this time of year also brings the Autumn rains, mixed with warm sunny days. Well, we’ve had the warm sunny days, but little to no rain as yet. This Autumn is lining up to be a carbon copy of last year, whereby that also means we’ll not be seeing much winter rain down south either.

This then, of course leads into another very dry Spring/Summer of 2019-20. We southerners ask the obvious questions … is it the aerial spraying off the east coast of Australia causing such drastic climactic changes, or is it the result of our emissions, or is it a plethora of other reasons?

So if you find yourself down South at this time of the year, looking for WWOOFing opportunities or Volunteer work, then you should start making enquiries with fruit orchards for the annual autumn/winter pruning that takes place on most farms around this time.

Wineries are a great source of Volunteer, Casual or WWOOF opportunities, as every grape vine that produced grapes during summer, now has to be pruned back hard for the winter spell. It’s a great chance to learn new skills in Wine making and the associated jobs around that industry.

Fruit orchards are also a great source of local labor hire. Many are organic these days, so they’re a perfect fit for those looking for WWOOF type opportunities on Organic Farms.

Peaches, necatarines, apricots along with apples and pears are now almost completely harvested, except for the odd late varieties like Golden Delicious, which are still barely hanging on the trees (see image).

Now is the time the fruitiers are looking for their next influx of workers and helpers, so get in contact with them, make use of the WWOOF Australia Mobile App and secure your winters employment now.

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