What is WWOOFing?

WWOOFing is a World Wide Organisation that connects Organic Host Farms with Volunteer workers. The Volunteers do 4-6 hours per day, five days per week, work on a Host Farm in return for their meals and accommodation/lodgings.

Are WWOOFers Insured?

WWOOFers in most countries are liable for their own medical and travel insurance. A few WWOOF organisations do include insurance, so be sure to check the specific country and their requirements.

Where can I WWOOF?

Most Western countries have a local WWOOF Organisation. USA, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. There are many other WWOOF Organisations in other countries that may or may not be affiliated with the International WWOOF Organisation.

Is WWOOFing easy?

Once you’ve joined a WWOOF Organisation, it’s very easy to then start contacting Host Farms. Figure out where you want to start in the country of choice, and contact Host Farms in that area. Most Host Farms will organise to pick you up from the local train or bus station.

How long can I WWOOF for?

All Host Farms have varying requirements for the length of stay permitted. Some only want Volunteers for a couple of days, whereas others have a minimum stay of 1 week for example. So contact the Host Farms and see what they prefer.

WWOOFing and Kids?

Taking your kids along for the ride may be a great education for them, but be ware you are expected to be contributing 4-6 hours per day work. So check with your Host Farm first, as some do allow children.

WWOOFing vs Volunteering

WWOOFing is different than Volunteering. With WWOOFing you’re not being paid money and you are receiving something in return (meals & accommodation). Volunteering usually implies you’ll organise your own travel, food and lodgings but Volunteer your time and effort at no charge. Some volunteer organisations require you to pay to access their list of Organisations.


The Pros far outweigh the Cons as far as WWOOFing is concerned. It is considered the safest form of travelling and volunteering, as the Host Farms have had to give a certain level of identification to the WWOOF Organisation.

Most WWOOF Organisations also have a Review system (as per WWOOF Australia), where other WWOOFers leave Reviews and Comments about each Host Farm. Vice versa for Hosts leaving reviews for WWOOFers too.

Learning new skills you could not possibly learn in your home country. Getting up close to the locals in a foreign country, getting to know the culture intimately, by living and working with the locals.


To be honest, there aren’t any I can think of. How can you complain about getting your meals and accommodation in return for 4-6 hours per day work?ย  Getting local knowledge from the locals. There are no cons ๐Ÿ™‚

What Visa do I need for WWOOFing in Australia?

First, you need to organise your Visa before you sign up to WWOOF and before you leave your country of origin.

Australia has several Visas that are relevant for those wishing to WWOOF.

  1. Work and Holiday Visa 462
    2. Tourist Stream Visa 600-601

See the Department of Home Affairs website for details: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/work-holiday-462

How much does it cost to WWOOF?

Depending on the country you choose to WWOOF in. WWOOF Australia currently costs $70 for a Single Membership or $120 for a Couple Membership. This lasts for 12 months and gives you access to their Membership Website as well as their free Mobile App.