Eastern Victoria

Gippsland Lakes

East Gippsland is situated on the Eastern Seaboard of Victoria and comprises a mixture of beaches, lakes, rivers, rainforests and farmland.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities and WWOOF Australia Host Farms in East Gippsland, most of them small commercial or hobby type farms.

The Gippsland Lakes are the main feature of East Gippsland, being the largest inland waterway in Australia. Over 400 sq kilometres of Lakes, rivers and waterways. Ideal for boating, surfing, swimming and fishing sports.

Lakes Entrance is the gateway town to the Gippsland Lakes and hosts a few WWOOF Host Farms in the direct vicinity. Lakes Entrance is situated on 90 Mile Beach and right at the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes. It’s a great starting point to explore this unique corner of Australia.

The Gippsland Lakes has an abundance of wildlife to experience whilst you’re volunteering or WWOOFing around the area. Seals and dolphins are a main attraction along with many rare seabirds that frequent the area.

Orchards & Host Farms

East Gippsland is considered the food bowl of Victoria with a wide variety of farming practices taking place all through the coastal plains and higher country.

Around Bairnsdale are the vegetable farms and fruit orchards. There are plenty of Volunteer opportunities and many WWOOF Australia Host Farms to choose from. Get out your Mobile App and contact the Hosts that sound interesting to you.

The best times to visit this area are either during the summer months when gardens and production is in full swing, or time it for autumn when the harvesting begins and the real work kicks off. This is usually around February through to May.

Apples, pears, peaches, nectarines and apricots are popular fruits grown here, due to the snappier cold winter months. There are also a few grape/wine wineries in the district, always looking for help during harvest and pruning times (March – June).

Rainforests & Nature

Head up into the hills or travel further north and you’ll be surrounded by mountain ash gum trees as high was the redwoods in California. This is called the high country or the rainforest areas of East Gippsland, north of Orbost.

It’s an untouched wilderness of Myrtle, Mountain Ash and creeks and rivers winding their way through lands not touched since the Indigenous tribes inhabited the area.  There are lots of “Greenie” organisations protecting this landscape, so if you’re into land conservation, there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities.

The native birdlife is stunning in this region, with kookaburras, cockatoos and magpies to name a few, waking you up in the morning with their shrill calls or laughing symphonies.

There are plenty of tracks, both 4WD and 2WD where you can get off the beaten track, find a secluded spot, and spend a few days in a total submersive nature retreat.