Autumn down South

vegetable harvest

There are now plenty of opportunities for volunteering or WWOOFing on a Host Farm in the Southern Australian states, as it’s now Autumn, or otherwise known as harvest time.

All summer vegetable crops are in harvest mode, with pumpkins, tomatos, cucumbers, capsicums and an assortment of others, ready for the picking. There are many WWOOF Australia Host Farms in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia that are now collecting the summer harvest … whether that’s a large commercial farm or your small hobby farmers.

Fruit Orchards are in full swing also, with the main apple and pear crops coming off the trees now. Later varieties of grapes are also still being picked from the vines for wineries and the like.

The weather down south at the moment, and through till the end of May, usually hovers around the low 20s during the day and drops to a low of about 10 at night. Crisp cool mornings are starting to arrive, with the odd snap frost due anytime soon. That will close off the growing season officially and then preparations will begin for winter crops and pruning. More of that in late autumn.

So if you’re looking for a cooler climate, with mild days and some harvesting work opportunities, then head down to the southern states for an abundance of volunteering opportunities.

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