Travel Insurance

Volunteer & WWOOFing Travel Insurance

Traveling in Australia, whether you are volunteering on a project or if you’re working and WWOOFing on a Host Farm, you will need your own Travel Insurance.

All medical expenses in Australia cost money. Just going to a local doctor GP will cost a minimum of AU$70. If you require any tests or further treatment, the costs start adding up.

Because of the large distances between major towns and thus major hospitals, any Ambulance travel is very expensive. We’re talking in the thousands, depending on the distance required. If you are in a very remote area and require ambulance assistance, then the Air Ambulance will attend and that will cost you your arms and legs.

So, Travel Insurance is very important here. When you sign up with WWOOF Australia, there is a link to an Insurance Company that is offering WWOOFers very good rates and an insurance plan that is relevant to working on Host Farms etc.

Be sure to check it out after you have signed up with WWOOF Australia.

Otherwise, i’ve often used Virgin Travel Insurance and that has been flexible and affordable, and transferrable to many other Asian countries.