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Volunteering in Australia

So you’re thinking of Volunteering in Australia, or perhaps doing some WWOOFing in Australia?

Australia is a great place to spend 6-12 months working, volunteering or WWOOFing.

Imagine the new skills and information you can learn, whilst working alongside Host Farmers and Gardeners. Imagine the insider knowledge you can gain by getting to know the locals personally.

Australia has a vast amount of Host Farms of all types. You can muster cattle on an Outback Cattle Station the size of a small country. Or you can drive and shear sheep on a sheep station in lush green pastures. Or how about milking some cows and enjoying the taste of fresh raw milk for breakfast.

Climate Regions

As for plant life, Australia has several different climactic regions. Tropical, Sub-Tropical and Temperate to Cool. This means, you can choose from harvesting or growing bananas, mangoes, pineapples or melons in the tropics, to rice farms, wheat, corn, fruit and vegetables and grain further south.

Also, the Host Farms come in many sizes.  Some are Stations the size of small countries, mainly up north. The smaller farms and cottage farming grow everything from organic fruit and vegetables, chooks, sheep, cows, pigs and more.

aussie fruit orchards

Fruit Orchards

Fruit orchards abound throughout all of Australia, offering you the chance to Volunteer or WWOOF wherever you desire to travel.

WWOOF Australia allows you to stay at as many Host Farms as you can organise during your stay. So you don’t need to limit yourself to one or two Host Farms. Use their website to pre-book as many as you think you’ll be able to manage.

For more information on how to use the WWOOF Australia Membership system, please click here.

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What is WWOOFing in Australia?

WWOOF Australia is an organisation that allows Volunteers to find a Host Farm in Australia to spend time doing volunteer work in return for food and accommodation.

Their website is based on a Membership system. To join, you simply visit their website and signup as a Volunteer WWOOFer. Joining fees average around $70 per year, and they allow couples membership for $120 per year.

Their Membership system is great. You get a full profile to fill out, letting Aussie Host Farms know all about you and your partner. You can add your skills, talents and things you would like to learn as well as write an interesting bio about yourself.

Get your camera ready, as you can also create a gallery of pictures to showcase yourself and show Host Farms who you are.

For more information, read further insights and tips into how to get the most out of your experience with WWOOF Australia here!

  • Work 4-6 Hours per day
  • Eat meals with your Hosts
  • Free Accommodation
  • Full Membership Profile
  • Go Touring in your free time
  • Free Mobile App (WWOOF)
  • Host Farms Australia wide

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